Lushvirtuals is an Entrepreneurship and mentorship hub with the simple goal to provide a platform for digital literacy skills and passion-driven individuals to make the best of themselves and also match skills with opportunity, there is more about lush virtual. 

Lushvirtuals is interested in a healthy career choice and determination to push for success. No man is an isle of knowledge but determination puts every career in the place of opportunity. You need to be hungry to be satisfied.

The digital cloud is wide enough for every bird ready to soar, you need to be ready to take on the healthy competition in order to succeed. We have been able to provide digital literacy training for undergraduates, corp members, and business owners.

Our Services:

  • Virtual Assistant Services

If you have a Small Business, we provide Online visibility services. We help you give your business a brand position online, we give your brand a face and a unique voice with content that can sell your products even in your absence through visual storytelling.

  • Training (Personal and Career Development) 

Opportunity is the reward for preparation. At Lushvirtuals we pride in providing training that prepares you for the big space ahead. You either succeed or succeed. No one makes it to the table without the choice to succeed. We provide digital skills training that opens you up to the opportunity of the workforce. You have to be ready when the opportunity comes knocking.  If you are looking to learn about digital skills and digital marketing, you are in the right place as we have got you covered.

  • Mentorship

Super proud of you that you know what to do, do you have a strategy to get there? At Lushvirtual we give you a real-time guide from where you are to where you want to be. We believe it is about showing you the place and leading you there. Our mentorship program is about taking the big step and finishing strong.

In Lushvirtual, you Learn Until Something Happens.