Being busy does not equal business productivity


Running a successful business is more about handling routine tasks with the best tools and skills to ensure that you are productive and not just busy, you need to start working on business productivity. Some aspects of social media manager that could make use of tools are:

Scheduling of posts for Instagram: Later and Planoly web and mobile app. Instagram is a visual-based platform that the excitement of content comes with the message from the graphics to the caption and with this in place when you schedule post you create more time for engagement and conversion.

Scheduling posts for Facebook: Hootsuite or buffer web or mobile app. But I will like to tell you that Facebook loves Facebook and won’t want a third-party service to run its services and when you use a third-party service it reduces the visibility of your post.

Scheduling post for Twitter: Tweetdeck. The Tweetdeck platform is easy to navigate and you can always be in front of your target audience with the right information at the right time as it gives you insights on-trend that supports the business goals that you can leverage on.

Business productivity is an essential part of your business success. Following the rules of business productivity, you need to use smart tools to get your content out there.

On managing the finance of your business you would have to use wave apps to issue receipt/invoice. When you have these tools it’s easy to run a business and produce results and not run a busyness.

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