Every business needs to B.A.R.B

Building A Reputable Brand

Most businesses are struggling with Online visibility, brand engagement and conversion, if you are in this category, what you need to fix is your “Brand”. 


why you need to b.a.r.b

Branding is the process of building an identity for your business and how you communicate with customers and potential customers.

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How concise is your business idea and how do you want to solve the pain point of your target audience.


How deliberate is your communication, content distribution and brand message?


Do customers need an extra explanation when they interact with your business?

The goal is to work with 1000 business owners in 2023 to be better positioned as a brand to build authority in their industry. A community has been created for these business owners and you can be a part of the weekend trainings and daily tips for business growth and online visibility.
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Where to start with branding.

Branding is important because it helps to create trust between you and your customers by setting expectations before they ever meet you.



Define your business Idea and pain points to solve.

One of the best ways to build brand credibility is to create long-term customer relationships by understanding customer  journey.



Identify your target audience.

It will be easy to understand how and where to contact your ideal potential clients by properly defining your target market.



Develop a brand message and voice.

A brand voice and message  sets you apart from the competition and encourages interaction with your target audience



Create a brand identity.

Brand identity make up your company values, and the emotions you want customers to have when doing business with you.


Lushvirtuals has created a simple worksheet that can guide you to work on your Business brand and build trust with your customers. If you would like to get the B.A.R.B worksheet,
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