How Social Media can help your Business grow

So you are a business owner and you are wondering “how social media can help your business grow”, well, take a glass of water and relax because in the next few minutes i will reveal a secret that has been hidden for a while now.

Social Media is a strategy that every business interested in growth and lead generation should invest in when it comes to growth. The use of social media can not be over-emphasized as most business owners who have seen growth testify of the opportunities attained with their investment in social media and its features.

Talking about features, there are several platforms / channels that business owners should be aware of, when it comes to their use of Social Media and the major ones talked about is;

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Tiktok
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube
  • Google my Business

Each of these platforms are useful in their own way and the features that when utilized can be a breaking ground for your business. Let’s talk about a few of them.



When it comes to Facebook Marketing, it is important to note that there are several features to leverage on and most business owners don’t even know they exist, or how they can be used. Have you been ignoring Instagram or you are on instagram and don’t know how to use their features for business growth? Then you might need to reconsider your presence online. Youtube is a search engine platform and gradually used for promotion of products or service via its story features and that makes it more interactive to be used for social media promotion.

When it comes to professionalism on Social Media there are features on LinkedIn that you should pay attention to and also realize that LinkedIn doesn’t accept as much promotion as other social media platform does. Twitter at this time, has been on ban to the Nigerian audience, however twitter is a microblogging channel with ability to reach more than 8.3 million individuals daily. Pinterest is a platform that makes it easy to rank on google search engine result page under the image category, this also aids customers finding your business easily.

Snapchat and Tiktok has gradually made it to the marketing space with the ability to reach people in smallest time showcasing products within the time of attention, recalling that the human attention span is less than 8 seconds.

Google my Business is now a big bang in the market of visibility that makes it easy for small business owner who are not interested in the struggle with other business competition find solace. With Google my Business every business owner knows that the struggle for visibility has ended.


Following the question, How Social Media can help your Business grow. Would it make sense to just jump right on and start doing what needs to be done? NO, there are other things to consider and it will discussed shortly.

Now that the platforms has been explained the next question is, what platform should i start from, right? With the availability of all these platforms it is important to note that not all these platforms will work for your business. Yes, reason been that, your customers are on one or two of the platforms.

Let me ask you a simple question; If you are looking for a make up artist, what social media platform will you go to first? Great, i like your response. Now, if you are looking for a Human Resource Manager for you company or business what social media platform will you check first? Interesting.

So before you choose a social media platform to start sharing your business, think of the platform your customers will search, if they are looking for a business like yours.


There are two sides to social media management.

  1. A Job: You can learn to be a Social Media Manager, therefore your commitment is to help put brands out there in the right way. The skills you will need to possess includes – though not limited to; research, content writing, basic graphic design, monitoring and report, great communication skills, video editing, understanding of insights, etc. If you are taking on the job of a social media manager you will need to be open to learning.
  2. Business Growth: This is for the business owner as an individual who wants to promote their business themselves, in this case you will need to posses the skills listed above and also understand the concept of storytelling.

As a social media manager, it is important to note that you are the face and the voice of the brand, except on cases where the product or service is specific – based, you will stand as the customer care representative, and the understanding of onboarding customers (Leads) is also needed.

It can be overwhelming sincerely, but when you know what you want to achieve and how to achieve it, it will be seamless and almost like a walk in the park.


Lest, i bombard you with too much information and scare you, it is important to remember at this stage that Google and Youtube is your friend, you can learn any and everything online, all you need is the determination and commitment to scale through.

Now you know How Social Media can help your Business grow, it is important to think of ways to implement all you have learnt in your business.

If you have any question, kindly drop it on the comment section and i will respond to it immediately i see it. Do not forget that we are learning everyday so if there is something you think should be added, kindly share it on the comment section so others can learn from your wealth of knowledge too.

However, if you want guidance to get started, take advantage of the upcoming Social Media Management Training coming up shortly, it will cover step by step guide on the Social Media Platform discussed above and also how to leverage on their features for growth.

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