How to earn six figures as a Virtual Assistant

Working as a Virtual Assistant is a big plus to the “Work from Home” geng. As a Virtual Assistant there is so much that can be achieved, and it is one thing that you would want to take advantage of. I will share a short story for you to get a grasp of my experience and why you too should get started irrespective of the career or industry you are in.  But first let’s talk about How to earn six figures working from home as a virtual assistant.


The job of a virtual assistant is dependent on the aspect of assistance you are rendering, as a social media manager working from home, you are a virtual assistant, as a graphic designer you are a virtual assistant, as a web developer working from home, you are a virtual assistant, even if you render administrative services, you are virtual assistant.

My top favourite advantages of working as a Virtual Assistant are not limited to:
  • Being available for my family.
  • Getting rid of the stressful 9-5 and not been dependent on one source of income.
  • Gain complete flexibility and freedom over my time.
  • Stop worrying about money unnecessarily.

There is more but i really love how these give me freedom. Few years ago, i knew that i didn’t want to have a 9-5 that would deprive me of spending time with my family, so i had to position my self to learn skills that could be applied working from home.

I learnt different skills under digital marketing and these skills are in top demand right now and they are not going anywhere any time soon. You too can pick a skill and learn how to provide these services as a virtual assistant.

Working as a Virtual Assistant has been a great deal for me, with the skills i attained working with a Digital Marketing Agency. It was easy to leave my 9-5 job as i wasn’t getting as much as expected and i have a plan for my life, so i took the opportunity to work as a VA, doing what i love to do; Social Media Management, and Online Event Manager. It’s just awesome to think that i can work in my PJs or while having conversation with family. I feel so blessed taking up the career path.

It wasn’t after working with a client for well over 7 months that we met at an event, yes, i was working as Virtual Assistant and getting paid every month by someone i haven’t seen.

Just be transparent and be resourceful you can stand out as a V.A, i also have a client who referred me for a Job. So you see, if you are committed to your job and you deliver, you can earn six figures even in weeks.

As a Virtual Assistant, your job is to help business owners solve real challenges and reduce their workload. At the same time you’ll be building a sustainable and scalable service business for yourself and if managed very well could very become a legacy!

Now, let’s deal with some questions that might be in my mind.

  • How will i offer the services of a Virtual Assistant when i am not Tech Savvy?

You really don’t have to be Tech Savvy to render the services of a VA. You can learn whatever kind of service you wish to render as a VA. With the basic knowledge of computer operation, and willingness to learn you can be the best in the best in the industry.

  • Can a Man be a Virtual Assistant?

LOL, in the Tech space, there have been some form of differentiation in the job a man can handle and the job a woman can do, for example, coding, it is believed that coding is for just guys and that ladies who code are not ready to build a home, well, that isn’t true. Any gender can handle any job in the Tech space, so, yes, a man can be a virtual assistant. There are tasks like Graphic Design, and other Technical Jobs that a Virtual Assistant can be required to do, so the job of a Virtual Assistant can be done by any Gender – Male or Female.

  • Who will hire a Virtual Assistant?

Well, why this is a very funny question, it is always asked. Most people think why would a business owner want to employ someone that will work from home? It is in this part of the world that your boss needs to see your face to know that you are working. Well, we are gradually leaving that part of the “work force” and gradually tilting to the part where we can comfortably work from anywhere. Back to the question, who will hire a Virtual Assistant? For starters, small business owners or one-man-business, such as consultants. There are also business owners who now embrace the idea to “delegate”. So, they are looking out for individuals who can take off some workload from them.

  • How much money do I need to get started?

So, you might have heard that you can start a tech job without any investment, self learn and make money yourself, while that may be true, you will be wasting a lot of time. The reason you invest for most training, is not that you can’t find the information if you search on Google, or Youtube, you pay to gain knowledge from someone who has done it and their experience. If you want to really earn as a Virtual Assistant, you would have to make some really great investment and learn from people who are making it in the industry. I will recommend one shortly.

  • Who should invest in becoming a Virtual Assistant?

Are you an undergraduate, a corp member, a mom, an applicant, awaiting a job, a marketer, a banker, a social media manager, a trader, or you have a job and you need a side hustle? Do you know any smart teenager who is job hunting, this is the best gift you will give to them.

Learning the skills needed as a Virtual Assistant should be in your short term goals seeing that we are at the last quarter of the year. When you have the skills, you will get to the stage where you start rejecting jobs, because you have enough to do already or take up the challenge to train more Virtual Assistants, (another source of income).

Some of the skills you would require to learn to stand out in the Virtual Assistant industry.

  • Great Communication Skills.
  • Social Media Management Skills.
  • Email Marketing Skills.
  • Graphic Design Skills.
  • Video Editing Skills.
  • Video Conferencing Management Skills (Zoom, Google Meet etc).
  • Online Advertising (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Ads).
  • Invoicing.
  • Research.
  • and any skill your client requires for a successful Business.

The choice to become a VA is solely in your court right now. There are a thousand and one resources that could guide you to becoming the “most sort after VA”, however i want to introduce you to the only resource that i know can give you the top edge in Nigeria. And yes, you can work for anyone even as a Nigerian.

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