How to start a business as a young female

how to start a business as a female

It is now a certifiable trend for the female gender to be interested in building a business, and with the ones who are aware of the entrepreneurial opportunities around them to start a business, It is more of an option now, than it has ever been. Hence the question always surfaces, “How can a young female start a business”. Most times they go, How can I start a business, I am a lady with no experience in business, or I don’t like negotiating, so how do I start a business? In this blog post, we will talk about “How to start a business as a young female”. 

You wouldn’t need a lot of motivational videos or talk about success to chase your goals if you want to be known as a successful entrepreneur. The fear of gender, as women have to be dealt with first because a lot of young women tend to fidget if they have to compete for the table with the obvious powerful gender, so keep in mind that you are strong, vibrant, and you are a successful young woman, speak it to yourself and don’t forget who you really are.

Building a business could come to you at the time as a side hustle or as a lifetime investment thing, you are either in it for a short time or you are going the while or you are giving it your all to sustain it for a long time. When I listen to ladies like Patrice Washington, Emily Wale-Koya, Theodora Isola, Jenn Im, and others who are authorities in their industry, it gives me joy because I know that these women have come to prove that a woman can take her space and own it. Watching them succeed makes me understand that there is no good time to start but now.

“A woman is like a teabag – you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.”

There are several business ideas that you can pick on when you are starting out, I will talk about a few;


Business ideas for any young ladies to consider

  1. Clothing Business: Fashion will never go out of place because we need to be clothed, wear clothes that make us comfortable in our skin, and make us look like royalty. So this niche would always be favorable not forgetting that there are seasons where it gets really overwhelming and sales can’t be held back. You should consider this if you find joy in dressing people up if you know what I mean.
  2. Foodservice business: This has been making waves and will always, people are hungry and will always be hungry, we have three square meals daily and you can choose to satisfy one meal. You can own a restaurant, or cook in your kitchen and deliver. You also stand a chance of being an authority in that niche if you are a Food blogger.
  3. Graphic Design: We recently concluded a class for aspiring digital marketers, and one of the skills we discussed was Smartphone Graphics. Graphics is a very interesting skill, as it helps businesses tell their story through visuals. When you see a design by any telecommunication company, you can through their color which is which, amongst any other thing. Graphics design helps to give your business a brand. If you love active creativity, you could try Graphic Design.
  4.  Online tutoring: Do you love to teach, do you love to help people get through their task, or show people new ways to get things done? Online tutoring is for you.
    In our world today you can teach almost anything and get paid for it, it could be to teach a small group or a large group of people, either way, passing knowledge can create genuine earnings for you. Look within you, what knowledge do people seek the most from you? The answer to your question is your meal ticket. 

Do you get the idea now? Is it overwhelming? Let’s say you have an idea around more than one of this, the best way around this is to start with one, build it, then move on to the next. Let’s move on, it gets exciting.

You should have a “WHY”

Your business vision and mission should be clear enough to get investors to open their wallet, that is if you want them around. From research, it has shown that women would rather use their savings to start a business than ask for Investment, grants, or loans. It must be really the last option before they take it and when they finally decide to, you need to see them negotiating with themselves. When you decide to take an extra one from the pocket of your investors, what you need is one or two lines, to sum up, your product/services, and be sure to include how a customer can use this product from start to finish in simple steps.

Yes, sometimes you need all the inspirational videos, to remind you how amazing you are, how awesome you look, how important you starting your business will create employment opportunities and all, and other times you need to speak to a mentor or a coach and get them to argue your strongest points, your strengths, your weakness, with you and give you solutions to the traumas around you, all you need to keep you going is your “WHY”.

Questions you should respond to:

With purpose come values, which are an integral aspect of a person’s life. Values are the rules that guide our decisions in life and help define our goals. They are what tell us when we’re on the right path or wrong path, and help us find and connect with others who share our way of viewing the world. To clearly understand your why your need to answer these questions;

  • What makes you come alive?
  • What are your innate strengths?
  • Where do you add the greatest value?
  • How will you measure your life?

With the response to these, you can stay focused on the best steps to take when it comes to building your business empire, you need to focus more on your why, when it feels too much to bear, revisit your why when the moments are overwhelming and you feel like you are taking too much on yourself. Get your why in place when you lose it all.

Knowing your purpose may compel you to take on challenges that will stretch you as much as they inspire you. Just as a boat under power can handle any size wave if perpendicular to it when you’re powered by a clear purpose, there is little you cannot do. Sign up for our Facebook Marketing class, if you are interested in building a Social media Agency as part of building a business as a young female.

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