Digital space is a vast industry (if I can escape with that), the point here is, it is so much you can do with your creative power in the digital industry. In this post, I will be talking about How to utilize your knowledge of digital skills, and earning from your digital skills knowledge, with a case study of creating a digital product, an eBook.  When it comes to digital skills,  it is a thin line away from digital marketing. Digital Marketing is selling a product or services to the right audience using the online or digital platform, while digital skills is having the wealth of knowledge, skills, and ability to makes the sales.

When I say digital skills, I am talking about writing skills, graphic skills, deep thinking, and strategic positioning. I will go through them briefly. With digital skills, you learn better by doing, you can be an encyclopedia of digital skills, but when the knowledge is not being put to use, you can lose out on all of it, and remember the digital space keeps evolving.

Creating digital products cannot be successful if there is no prior knowledge of digital skills. When the idea of writing an eBook came up, it was no news that eBooks were making massive sales and millions of people had gotten into the business of eBook creation and sales. It is easy to put information together, but if that information holds no value, it stops making an impact, so think value as you think of your digital products.

When I heard about eBooks, I wanted to be sure that they were the same online books that I read, some look easy to create others had so much complexity but hey they are eBooks. All I had to focus on then was, how were these eBooks created? Let’s break it, by answering the questions “How are eBooks created”? or…

How can I create an eBook?

EBooks are online books, a perfect example of digital products. When digital products are talked about the first thing that comes to mind is “eBooks”. To create an eBook, you need to understand the tools, that make the result. What tools do you need to create an eBook?

  1. Word processor: After your research on the topic and your audience. You must use a word processor to put these words together. You can use your Microsoft, Note pad on your Smartphone or the WPS app. Well, if you like to access your write up anywhere even outside your smartphone, you can use the Google Doc word processor, which helps with Collaboration for editing if you are working with someone or you need to share and make live corrections. I prefer using Google Doc, as I can access my document anywhere.
  2. Graphic design: The first thing people judge is your Cover page. So, you need to properly interpret your message with your graphic design and send the right message. Pick the right color, the right image (if you need to add an image), use a clear font and make it simple to understand. There are simple creative tools to use for graphic creation, or you give it out to a Graphic Designer.
  3. Cover Design: When showcasing your eBook, you do not want to share some flat design or some plain image, make your eBook stand out. Appeal to the visual of your audience, by showcasing a book design with your graphic design. There are platforms that make it easy to interact with your audience using different mockup designs. Get a platform that you are familiar with or give it to your graphic designer.
  4. Marketing your eBook: If you have a community it will be easy, but if you don’t, you can showcase your book on your social media platforms, talk about the value the book offers, the audience that needs the book, and why they have to get the book. You wrote the book right, so you know who you are talking to, speak to their mind, and tell them they need the book. Or you could run an ad to showcase your book to more people than your close friends.

I wrote a leisure eBook, “The Ex I Never Dated”, I paid attention to a lot of things and it was clear that there is only so much we can do with digital skills, the digital space has so much that can not be exhausted. You must make the right decision on earning from your digital skills knowledge and know the tools that would make it work. Learn the skills you need in your field and find the tools that would make it easy to accomplish.

I have a short material that holds the secret to writing and publishing an eBook, you can get your copy and be on your way to wealth selling digital products. Never underestimate the wealth in your head; the encouragement, the advice, and the information you give to your close friends that made work and life easy can be useful to another. Why not package that knowledge and make a fortune from it? Digital products can make you more than you can ever imagine, read more, learn more, research more and you will enjoy the fruits of your investment, and how to utilize your knowledge of digital skills.

Did you find wealth behind the lines? Well, I did, and I am about to write more digital products. Join me let’s make wealth out the so much that has been made available. Now I think you have an idea on how to utilize your knowledge of digital skills

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