Make money working from home using your Smartphone

If I were to show you an opportunity to make at least N5000 daily will your grab it? With your android phone you can make money working from home using your Smartphone and earn up to 100,000 monthly, if you follow simple instructions. In this blog post, i will show you some simple steps on how to make money working from home using your smartphone.

This simple system has proven to be very successful, and there are proves to show it is working. But before  show you this proven system that has become a new source of income for some, let’s talk about the possibilities.

How possible is it to make this amount of money in less than a month as a digital worker? That response lies in the next line(s) you are about to read.

After much research on the easiest way to make money next year i have decided to settle for the best way i know how to do it and that is Affiliate Marketing. Before you ask what it is, Affiliate Marketing is a simple business model where you recommend a product for a customer and the seller gives you a certain amount (commission) for the product sold.

So, with this system model in mind, let’s divert a bit to dissect how affiliate marketing works, say, I sell human hair for 40,000 naira, and Bella needs the hair for her birthday party, and she doesn’t know where to get the best durable human hair online, Stella who is a friend/influencer recommends my human hair and Bella gets the hair and she is happy.

Now, Stella doesn’t sell hair, she just influenced Bella to buy the hair with the benefits she mentioned about getting hair from me, now i pay Stella a 50% (N20,000) commission for recommending the hair, mind you, Bella doesn’t know me, it was the trust she had for Stella that influenced her buying decision, so I pay Stella because she allowed me into her circle and made me a sale, so i give part of the business profit to her for simply helping me make that sale. It’s a win-win.

So, to make money online there are several systems, and this system is just one that you would like to be involved in. Imagine making N5,000 daily with just a smartphone just by following an account on Instagram, subscribing to a Youtube channel, writing a blog post like this, or dropping a comment on Instagram.

Allow me introduce “Owo Daily” to you. Owo daily requires the best digital workers and affiliates to complete any online tasks and earn cash. The earnings comes from online sellers who leverage on the platform to reach more audience and acquire more followers. No matter how little the earnings are, as it accumulates, it becomes a bigger bit as seen above.

What does it take to be a “digital worker”?

  • Smartphone,
  • Social media account, and
  • Willingness to follow instruction.

A digital worker who is a member of “Owo daily” earns in different stages, all that is required is for you to complete the tasks displayed dashboard.



What are the Features of the Owo Daily Platform?

  1. Owo Daily: This is the membership sign up that gives access to digital marketers/social media managers to scale campaign and as a digital worker, all you are required to do is carry out the simple task displayed by the marketer. eg. Like a Facebook post, or Comment on a Instagram Post.
  2. OwoDaily+: This is an upgrade from Owo daily, and it allows members to Sell Products/Services for other Nigerian businesses for Commissions. For every task carried out there is a commission, and once the job is approved, the earning is added to the wallet.
  3. OwoDaily Village: If you like to follow up with trends, and be part of a gist, then the Owo daily village is the place for you, simply follow you favourite member/topics, and freely engage.
  4. OwoDaily Market: With Owo Daily Online Marketplace, individuals can Buy Products & Get CashBack on OwoDaily+.

You are wondering how the Owo Daily business model will make you money right? It’s simple, bearing in mind that the mission of Owo Daily is to enable people work from home online in Nigeria by completing digital jobs, Scaling as a Digital Marketer or Social Media Manager or earning full time as an Affiliate Marketer on OwoDaily+, you can simply carry out the task on your dashboard you can earn from N8, to N2000 doing something that wouldn’t take up to 2 seconds.

Working from home has become easier with affiliate marketing platforms that avails us the opportunity to sell other peoples’ product and make some free cash for ourselves. When i discovered the Owo daily platform, i quickly took up the opportunity to sign up and become a member, and because i like the extra, i signed up for the premium access.

What does it take to be a member of Owo Daily

Wait before you click the sign up LINK. Let’s talk about the sign up condition(s). Yes, there are conditions to signing up on Owo Daily.

  1. You have to become a member by simply clicking on the button at the top “Become a Member”.
  2. Click on the registration button to subscribe. There are different subscriptions that informs how you earn.
  • Owo Daily: You sign up with N3,000 and you get lifetime access to the platform and you can start earning from the comfort of your home. As an Owo Daily subscriber you get a commission as an affiliate when individuals sign up using your unique link. It’s a easy as that, you can share your link on WhatApp groups, your story or any platform where you can influence the earning decision of your friends.
  • Owo Daily +: As a subscriber of the Owo Daily +, there is the benefits for the Owo daily subscription and other benefits, like a higher commission pay, access to Owo Daily Marketplace, Owo Daily Village and other exciting news.

3. Be ready to adhere to instructions by sharing the proof that you carried out the task correctly, when they require “screenshot” you share it, when they require just username, you share it.

Whatever earning decision you make either signing up on Owo Daily or Owo Daily +, you are on your way to an exciting new income generating venture. Trust me, this one is something you want to try if you are interested in a different earning story for 2022.

Who can sign up on Owo Daily?

  1. Full time moms who can commit at least an hour a day.
  2. Individuals with 9-5, you can use your break time to make some extra cash for your self.
  3. Undergraduate with an open mind to invest and get a legal return on investment.
  4. Affiliate Marketer(s) etc

It didn’t take long for me to sign up on Owo Daily once i understood their mission,

“Enabling people to work from home online in Nigeria by completing digital jobs, Scaling as a Digital Marketer or Social Media Manager or earning full time as an Affiliate Marketer on OwoDaily+”

It aligns with my vision and goal for 2022, working from home, recommending products that are helpful for growth of business and individuals and earning solid cash. I am too lazy to develop products, why not promote the ones already created.

If you have the same goal or you are yet to get a goal for 2022, you can join me today, sign up and subscribe to Owo Daily +. Click this LINK to sign up today!.

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