Earning Genuine Money Online Just Got Easier, but most of us haven’t discovered this system yet, and that is what this page about. Let’s talk about how to normalize getting paid every Friday leveraging Affiliate Marketing.

I have shared a video online that talks about MIKE who doesn’t want to work for a Boss for reasons best known to me, and he did his research and discovered a business that he could delve into and make ends meet for himself. If you haven’t seen that video, this is a good time to go see the video, but i don’t want to distract you so i will keep the LINK for now.

Would you want to be like MIKE and start earning commissions while selling digital products? In a World Where 98% of Online Money-Making Opportunities Are Scams, Newbies Are Legally Earning Thousands to Million every month using their smart phones, and you can do that too.

Before we get all serious and ready for business , I will share a little about myself.

My name is Queen Ngozi Idemudia, I am a Digital Marketing Trainer providing educative information on how individuals can build a career for themselves, and how business owners can create awareness for their online.

When I learnt the Digital Marketing Skills in 2018, I wasn’t sure what to do with it, till I got a job as a Freelance Digital Marketing Trainer and I trained over N3,000 beneficiaries within a year, from Corp Members, Undergraduates, NGOs, Bank Officials, Youths of different Churches to mention a few.


It got better when I landed a job as a Digital Marketing Lead with a Google Partner Company to render Digital Marketing Services, my responsibilities included but not limited to building a team that was responsible for creating blogs, social media platforms, marketing contents and monitoring prospects for the company.



After COVID, the company was unable to meet expectations, thus I chose to resign.

Then I found out about Affiliate Marketing. Are you still with me?

When I was told about Affiliate Marketing, I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it, because I have to register to learn, and then I earn when I make a sale.

But after watching videos of others who have done it, I was ready, and within that same time i discovered something

Affiliate Marketing was really easy to deal with, as I already had over 60% knowledge of the skills taught, but I had to Unlearn everything I Know about Marketing Online and learn the new way, and yes it was really a wise decision.


The next problem I experienced was paying for registration; however, the person who spoke with me about it was willing to help, and I was quite fortunate. I knew there were other businesses i could venture in, just like business ideas discussed HERE but i really needed to try Affiliate Marketing
What you are about reading is the simple system that helps me generate an extra income weekly by pressing my phone. 😊😊


1️⃣ Affiliate Marketing is simply recommending digital product to people and getting paid commissions.
2️⃣ Commissions range between 40 and 80% of the value of the product sold.
3️⃣ Commissions are paid every Friday of the week. You don’t need to wait till the end of the month.


📌 The products sellout fast and you can make sales while asleep.
📌 You don’t need to hawk anything.
📌 Zero delivery cost.
📌 Sell from wherever you are using your smartphone.
📌 High commission rates (40-80%).
📌 You can combine it with your day or night job.


📌 There’s a product that sells for N60,000 and the commission is 50%.
📌 Selling one product will generate you N30,000 in commission.
📌 And one can comfortably sell 4 in a week and that’s N120,000 weekly.


The business is made easier by training you on how to do it step by step and make sales like a pro even without a prior knowledge in marketing.

📌 The training covers areas on;

➡️ What to say while selling (tips and tricks of marketing).
➡️ Secrets of how to sell with WhatsApp.
➡️ How to run ads on social media.
➡️ How to start email marketing.
➡️ How to write articles that make people buy without thinking twice.
➡️ How to create an ecommerce website.
➡️ How to build SALES FUNNEL that generates atleast N500,000 a month.
➡️ Knowledge from this training can be repackaged by you and sold to other people through trainings or even your own digital product… This is extra money already

Quite lengthy right? Well it is, but it has the information that can make you a millionaire.

This is what it looks like when you have successfully closed a sale:

This is what it looks like on Fridays, when payments are made:



Most of the recipients are undergraduates in Nigerian University, who decided to change their financial story leveraging the Affiliate Marketing Model.

None of them went through the process of creating any product, but they sell these products by recommending them to people who really need them.

I did sign up, got distracted but still earning my cash quietly. Would you like to join me and other Affiliates enjoy the benefits of Online Money?

If you are really serious about it. I can give you access to FREE video that is 30mins short, and this video will give you more detail. You will really understand this business if you complete the video.

Send me a WhatsApp CHAT and i will share it with you.