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Coaching, Mentoring and Training, can accelerate the growth of your business owner and leader. At Lushvirtuals, we believe in the need to learn whatever is required to improve the team.


Kwin Ngozi Idemudia
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Trusted by over 3000 Business Owners, Students, Coperate Organizations, and Religious Group. Since 2018.


I participated in a training on Google skills Africa, Queen Ngozi was the leader of the team, she was patient, kind, and helpful in ensuring that I completed the course and earned my certificate. Ngozi is an excellent trainer and a great resource, good at what she does, and you can be sure of an excellent training.


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Learn until something happens

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We expose our participants to the relevant knowledge required to approach a need, and apply the knowledge to personal or business growth.


We provide individual and group mentorship for mentees to understand the solutions in the industry.



For Coaching individuals, business owners or staff of organizations, we break down business process and showcase the result and walk out strategy.


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Queen is one of the best facilitator who takes her time to teach and explain during her sessions, that I have come across. She is patient and explains to the last bit. She delivers quality over quantity. You will enjoy her class.


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Prudence Ijah | Lushvirtuals
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